Graham Street

Youth Group






The Graham Street Youth Group inspires students as they learn to embrace and experience their own faith. Our students are active disciples of the Kingdom work at Graham Street. We encourage our students to live, love, and serve like Christ in all that they do – heart, soul, mind, strength.

The Graham Street Church of Christ encourages our youth to grow through faith experiences and discipleship.

As we live and learn together, we equip our families and our homes to be a firm foundation of faith, following the footsteps and example of Jesus.

Together, our youth, their families, and the Graham Street Church seek to provide guidance, hope, and truth as we all travel on our journey of faith.


Jesus said, “Come, follow me.”

Matthew 4:19

Youth and Family Minister
Wes Wilson
The Wilsons: Wes, Nichole, Bria, & Beckett